The DC-BTC - Decentralized community Bitcoin!                             Minimum profit is +10% per 2 days.     Up to +9% Referral Bonus.     3-level Partner Bonuses.     Open Around The Clock 24/7. 

  • Members: 71360
  • Donations: 322440
  • Paid to members: 64256.57 BTC
  • Referral bonuses paid: 2374.77 BTC

F.A.Q. about DC-BTC

1. What is DC-BTC and was created by whom?

This is a decentralized Bitcoin community. International association of crypto enthusiasts created for mutual assistance within the community. Created by a team of like-minded followers of Sergei Mavrodi.

The DC-BTC system operates according to a unique mathematical algorithm, developed by the brothers Mavrodi - Sergey and Vyacheslav. At the base of it are voluntary donations.

2. For what DC-BTC System was created?

Starting the project, we pursue only one main goal - to take a new step towards changing the world.

DC-BTC, like the project of Sergei Mavrodi, seeks to build a new fair world where everyone will have a happier life. Where people will cease to be captive to banks and the government. We are convinced that everyone deserves a chance to live better. And now, with the launch of DC-BTC, everyone will have this opportunity, but on a new level!

DC-BTC is a system for people who are tired of living in a world of lies, pain and fear. Thanks to decentralization, mathematics and the blockchain - nothing will prevent our community of mutual assistance to accelerate the onset of the financial apocalypse and build a new fair world for all people!

3.How do I start participating in DC-BTC?

Go to the main page of the site. Enter your BTC address and email address in the appropriate line and click "JOIN / LOGIN". After that you will enter your personal page, in which you will see a system wallet. This wallet is only associated with your account.

To make a donation, transfer the bitcoins to this wallet. Transaction can be done from any address. After receiving confirmation from the bitcoin network, your balance will be updated automatically.

The same address you can use for all your next donations. To enter your personal page, follow the same procedure as when you were registering: enter your BTC address and email address in the appropriate line and press "JOIN / LOGIN".

4. How can I participate in DC-BTC? With what currency?

Crypto currency Bitcoin (BTC).

5. What are the limits for the amount of the donation?

The minimum amount of donation is 0.0025 BTC.

Maximum donation amount is 2.5 BTC.

6. Can I make donations more than 1 time?

Yes, you can make as many donations as you want.

7. Is it possible to make a new donation, when I haven’t received yet the reward / return from the old one?

Yes, new donations can be made at any time and regardless of your previous donations.

8. What profit will I receive and when?

You will receive a reward every after day you have donated (no more than 48 hours). You will return your donation + 10% of the profit.

For example, you donated 0.1 BTC on the 28th, then on the 30th you will receive 0.11 BTC.

Then you can donate the obtained bitcoins again to the DC-BTC system, if you want.

9. Where will the profit come to?

The profit will come to the BTC-address, which you have entered in the form during the registration.

10. Is there a referral program? If yes, what are the conditions?

For inviting newcomers, you will get referral bonuses. There is a 3-level referral program we provide:

5% for the referral of the first level (direct registration)

3% for the referral of the second level

1% for the referral of the third level

In addition, 9% are allocated to referral bonuses.

Referral bonuses are paid the next day after the referral donation.

The bonus goes to your BTC address the day after the novice's donation.

11. Where can I see my referral link and how to attract a novice?

our referral link is indicated in your Personal page - under the address of the BTC wallet. Copy it and send it to those you want to invite to the system. Anyone who has passed by your referral link automatically becomes your referral forever. And you will receive a bonus whenever the referral makes a donation.

12. How many confirmations should my transaction receive in order for my donation to be credited?

3 confirmations in Bitcoin's blockchain.

13. What happens if I make a donation, but the day ended earlier than my transaction was confirmed?

Your donation will automatically be transferred the next day. It’s fine.

14. Who controls the System?

No one. DC-BTC is a fully decentralized System. It works automatically based on Bitcoin's code and its blockchain, bypassing the human factor.

15. Where can I see the statistics of the system?

It is available right in your Personal page.

Also on the main page of the site statistics of payments are presented.

16. The site says "100% Without the risk of losing funds"
How to participate, so to eliminate the risks of loss of funds?

If for some reason you are not satisfied with the result from participation in the "DC-BTC" system, then you can always use the “Support Program”.
The "DC - BTC" system will give you an individual schedule for donations, according to which you will achieve a positive result for you in the system.
"Support Program" - guarantees a positive result from participation in the "DC - BTC" system.
You can start using the "Support Program" at any time you wish.

In order to use the "Support Program", inform the online consultant on the site about your desire to use this program.

17. Can I use the same IP for multiple accounts? (IP RULES):

The System Allows you to open accounts on the same IP.
If leader want to register his relatives one below another, this type of action is allowed if the value of the main account donation is greater than or equal to the other accounts below it created.
Bonuses will not be credited in accounts created in this way:

Leader (you):  0.01 BTC*
Father:  0.01 BTC*
Mother:  0.01 BTC*
Wife:  1 BTC*

You can see that the leader used the last account to take advantage of bonus receipts from the last account. If The System determinate this type of action on the part of the leader all the accounts below will be unified for your main account.
Know that unfair creating accounts below one another hurts the System.
If in case the leader still wants to do accounts of relatives one below another, it will only be allowed as below:

Leader (You):  0.3 BTC*
Father:  0.3 BTC*
Mother:  0.3 BTC*
Wife:  0.3 BTC*

*The numbers are taken for clarity.
Your primary account donation must be greater than or equal to the accounts created below.
It is also not allowed to run away from their leaders by creating multiple accounts, one under another.
If such actions are detected, the active member account will be returned back to the original leader.

Be honest to yourself, to your leader and to the system!

18. Is the participating safe or the system can be hacked?

Absolutely safe. The system works on the Bitcoin’s blockchain, which can not be faked or hacked. All payments are made automatically basing of mathematical algorithms, bypassing any human factor.

19. Where can I get the Bitcoins?

Bitcoin can be bought or sold numerous exchanging websites and p2p-sites. One of the best ways is to use

Follow this guide
And the buying process will be quick and easy.

20. How long does the BTC transaction wait for confirmation?

It all depends on the commission you indicated in the transfer. The higher it is, the faster confirmation will be. Usually 1 confirmation takes about 10 minutes.

The profit is always sent to you with a sufficiently high commission in order for you to receive the transfer as quickly as possible.

21. Where can I go if there are any other questions?

If you have any questions, please contact your leaders. Also you can contact the our online consultants and your question will be processed as soon as possible.

22. Where does it store information about membership in the System? Where do the statistics come from?

The DC-BTC system operates on the basis of an open blockchain of Bitcoin, so all the statistics and information in the Personal page are just data from the blockchain. For example, the blockchain browser provides block data and DC-BTC statistics - all are just a selective data.

So the information of each participant with all his donations, bonuses are available to all. The system is absolutely crystal clear. DC-BTC does not store any information about users at all. Absolutely. Everything is stored in the Bitcoin’s blockchain, only there. .

23. And who pays the commission of payments from the system? Do we receive a profit in pure form or does the amount get less because of the commission?

Despite the fact that the system is autonomous and decentralized, someone should promote it, carry out educational activities, update the code and provide feedback to the participants. To this end, a large team of enthusiasts, programmers, marketers and consultants is working in the system. Therefore, 1% of the system turnover is allocated for payment of transactions and system development.

24. How technically does it work? Where does the profit come from, the source for paying bonuses, where does the commission go, etc?

Everything works as follows:

Suppose the first day is the sum of 1 BTC.

  • 1) Participants donate 1 BTC at the first day. The day finishes.
  • 2) 0.9 BTC is sent to the first day's account.
  • 3) 0.01 BTC (1% of the daily amount) are transferred to the account of the system for payment of commissions for transfers, payment for the work of the IT team, server costs, payment of salaries to employees and coverage of advertising costs.
  • 4) 0,09 BTC (9% of the daily amount) are transferred to the account for the first day's bonus - from this account there is a payment of referral bonuses and leader's bonuses - all 3 levels.

Total after the 1st day we have:

  • First day account = 0.9 BTC. But in order to pay 10% of the profit, we need to have 1.1 BTC in this money-box, so from the next after day we need to add another 0.2 BTC.
  • All bonuses are paid for 9% of the total amount of the first day.
  • Commission for the development of the System 1% - paid.

Day 3 - the amount of 1.2 BTC.

  • 1) Participants donate 1 BTC in the second day. The day finishes.
  • 2) 0.2 BTC is sent to the first day's account to pay out the profit.
  • 3) 0.7 BTC is sent to the second day's account.
  • 4) 0.01 BTC are transferred to the account of the system for payment of transfer fees, payment for the work of the IT team, server costs, salary payments to employees and coverage of advertising costs.
  • 5) 0,09 BTC are transferred to the account’s money-box for bonuses.

And so on, day after day, according to the same scheme.

25 There is written on the web site "Decentralized community":

Full transparency - all payments are visible publicly in Bitcoin's blockchain.

☝️How about the fact that the common bank is under your control? Bitcoin can’t be hacked, but your servers. What about management?

If briefly: the technology of cold wallets, the server from which payments occur are not available from the Internet

+ we prepare completely decentralized bank on the basis of multi-signing addresses.